Squirrel Hill Outpatient Services

child participating in physical therapy
Physician Services - Make an appointment - 412-420-2561 

Dr. Mary Louise Russell 
Dr. Tim Burg

Therapy Services - Make an appointment - 412-420-

Physical therapy
Occupational therapy
Speech/language therapy
Nutrition services

Specialty Programs - Make an appointment - 412-420-2362 

Concussion management 
Functional feeding 
Pain rehabilitation    

Specialty Services & Therapy - 
Make an appointment - 412-420-2362 

Aquatic therapy
Assistive and augmentative communication
• Assistive technology (equipment) evaluations
• Developmental evaluation
• Hearing evaluation
ImPACT testing
Interactive metronome
Locomotor training
Neuropsychological evaluations
Orthopedic and sports rehabilitation
Sensory integration therapy
• Serial casting of arms or legs
SmartPalate Speech Therapy
• Universal exercise unit (UEU)
Upper extremity services
• Vestibular rehabilitation
Video fluoroscopic swallow study (VFSS)

Our Squirrel Hill offices are located 1405 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

For more information (and a printable map) download our brochure:
Squirrel Hill Therapy Services

To schedule an appointment, please call 412-420-2362 , or fill out the form below to receive a phone call.

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