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The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh offers financial assistance for its medical care to eligible individuals and families. Based on your financial need, either reduced payments or free care may be available.

You may be eligible for financial assistance if you:

- Have limited or no health insurance  
  • - Are not eligible for government assistance (for example, Medicare or Medicaid) 
  • - Can show you have financial need 
  • - Provide The Children’s Institute with necessary information about your household finances

You may be eligible for discounted service, regardless of financial need, if you:

- Have limited or no health insurance
- Exhausted your benefits
- Medical expenses paid from a trust fund

NOTE: A financial assistance application must be completed in order to receive a discount.

About the Application Process

The process for applying for The Children’s Institute’s financial assistance or discounted services includes these steps:

- First, explore whether you are eligible for insurance benefits that would cover your care (for example, automobile insurance and Medical Assistance*). We can help direct you to the appropriate resources if you need help.
- Complete The Children’s Institute’s Financial Assistance Application form.
- Include the supporting documents listed in the Application checklist.
- We will contact you to tell you whether you are eligible for The Children’s Institute’s financial assistance.
- If appropriate, we can discuss arrangements for a payment plan.

NOTE: We look at your income and family size to determine the level of assistance available to you. We use a sliding scale based on federal poverty guidelines.

For more information about our Financial Assistance program guidelines, please read our Financial Assistance Summary and Financial Assistance Policy.

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