Upper Limb Management Clinic

therapist with patient at the Upper Limb Management Clinic

Specialized therapy from the fingers to the shoulder

In the Upper Limb Management Clinic, our skilled therapists assess the child’s ability to use his or her hand, wrist, elbow, arm or shoulder. We then help them regain maximum functional capacity through therapy interventions such as:

  • Management of the upper extremities and hand, soft tissue conditions, nerve, vascular, and trauma injuries
  • Fabrication of custom static and dynamic splints to protect soft tissue following trauma or post-surgery to prevent deformity and to improve function
  • Treatment of tendon injuries, amputations, cumulative trauma disorders, orthopedic, neurological and arthritic conditions
  • Functional retraining following an illness or trauma of the upper extremity
  • Specialized comprehensive management and treatment programs for upper and lower extremity lymphedema

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Upper Extremity Program

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