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A family-centered approach to pediatric rehabilitation and therapy

The Children's Institute takes pride in providing quality care to children with special and orthopedic needs. We assess the needs of each patient, one child at a time. We take into account every unique set of circumstances, every individual’s obstacles and potential, and every family’s situation. Our staff offers a patient-focused, family-centered approach to their work. Everything we do revolves around helping the child and supporting the family. To that end, parents participate in many of our therapies, and are offered the information and training they need to better understand their child’s progress and to continue the therapies at home.

We recognize that most of our kids need a combination of therapies to progress and that the more therapeutic options and opportunities they have, the better. When a child needs outpatient treatment, therapy services are part of the plan.

The following therapies are available at our five convenient outpatient locations in Squirrel Hill, Irwin, and Bridgeville. 

Our facilities are designed to help our patients and therapists achieve amazing things. For example, our facilities at our Squirrel Hill location include:

  • Large gymnasium
  • Two full-size swimming pools
  • Playground
  • Playrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Living Spaces
  • Gym
  • Assistive devices



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