SmartPalate™ Speech Therapy

Innovative Speech Therapy

Producing sounds can be difficult for children with articulation disorders. A type of innovative speech biofeedback called the SmartPalate reduces the guessing in speech and language therapy, and may significantly decrease the length of treatment time when implemented with other treatment approaches.

Engaging Patients with Visual Targets

The biofeedback system works with a software system and customized mouthpiece with up to 124 sensors that capture tongue-to-palate contacts, enabling patients to match tongue placements for a target sound. Immediate feedback is given to the patient and therapist to create the proper sound and build muscle memory.

The SmartPalate benefits children with:

· Cleft palates
· Down syndrome
· Apraxia
· Dysarthia
· Speech disorders

For more information about the SmartPalate System, please visit their website

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