Interactive Metronome

patient engaging in interactive metronome therapy

 A simple beat can dramatically impact our patients’ progress.

Through Interactive Metronome (IM), a patient is asked to repetitively match a rhythmic beat using motor movements. Because it feels like a game, kids like it and easily engage with it. The more engaged the kids are, the more fun they are having, the more time they will spend using their motor movements and the more progress they will make.

Interactive Metronome therapy makes a proven difference.

Research, published literature, and our own experience shows that this type of therapy can make a meaningful difference in:

  • Working Memory- The ability to store information and ideas. Memory is critical for recognizing words, understanding complex sentences and remembering instructions.
  • Attention –The ability to focus on a specific task, ignoring distractions.
  • Processing - The rate at which the child is able to accurately understand and use information.
  • Sequencing – The ability to place information in a needed order, such as the days of the week, or completing a task like long division.
  • Motor Coordination – Combining motor movements so that they work together to accomplish a task, like riding a bike or tying a shoe.

Interactive Metronome is offered at our Wexford location. For more information please contact Ellen Kaminski at (724) 940-7660 x8223 or

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Interactive Metronome




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