Amazing Kids Workshops & Assemblies

Designed For Middle School Students

Amazing Kids 1: Understanding Autism

Through visuals, simulations and discussion, students learn how Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can affect a person’s emotional and physical behavior, and how to better relate to someone who has autism. The students in the workshop also meet two middle school students with autism (through video interviews), who dramatically demonstrate the “spectrum” aspect of ASD.

The closing segment poses a series of questions about the best way to interact with people who have disabilities. After the students respond, a student with a disability provides the answers on screen.

Testimonial: "The Children’s Institute has been a great service to our student body for many years. The autism workshop is an outstanding presentation designed to educate and foster an understanding of autism that connects with the middle school learner.”
— Marshall Middle School

Amazing Kids 2: Learning Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, Deafness, and Spina Bifida

Through discussion and simulation exercises, the first part of this presentation dispels common misconceptions about learning disabilities. The second part features an explanation of the above physical disabilities, plus video interviews of students who have those disabilities. In each video, the student describes a problem they had at school related to their disability, and the students in the workshop are encouraged to discuss solutions before the actual solution is revealed on screen.

Testimonial: “I found this program to be very valuable to the students. The hands on activities were engaging and really captured the students’ attention. The presenters did a great job of engaging our students in discussions throughout the program; our students were able to make connections with the students in the videos and empathize with them.”
— Shaler Middle School

Amazing Kids 3: Understanding Blindness & Cerebral Palsy

The first segment of this interactive program focuses on blindness. What causes blindness? What are the symptoms? How does a student who is blind learn at school? What should one keep in mind when interacting with a fellow student who is blind? These questions and more are answered through a video Q&A session with James, a Pittsburgh middle school student, blind from birth, who shares his experience.

In the second segment, students hear from more "experts," through video interviews with Zachary, Bradley, and Callie - all local middle school students who have cerebral palsy (CP). With their help, students learn about the causes and symptoms of CP, how CP can affect everyone differently, and how students with CP can participate and flourish in the school environment with a little help from their friends.

To learn more or to schedule an appearance for one or both programs, please call 412.420.2344

For public schools, the workshops and assemblies are typically FREE, as long as funding is available. The PA. Dept of Education has approved these programs, and the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) provides the funding. To find out if funding is available for your school, call the number listed above.

For private schools, the fee for an Amazing Kids Workshop is $125 (50 student maximum), plus mileage for the first workshop and $75 for each additional workshop on the same day. To accommodate larger audiences (200 student maximum), an assembly option is available. The cost is $225, plus $225 for each additional assembly. There is also a mileage fee. All fees are used to maintain the quality of the program — no profit is made for The Children’s Institute.

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