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As a pediatric rehabilitation hospital, you would expect licensed nurses at The Children's Institute to provide care and supervision 24/7. But you may not expect the level of nursing found at The Children’s Institute.

A level of understanding and care that is unsurpassed

At The Children’s Institute, you’ll find certified rehabilitation nurses, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, health care workers and nursing assistants. Most importantly, you’ll find health care professionals who care deeply for our kids and their families.

Our nurses are completely dedicated to each child, their progress and their potential. They are there for the families, too; providing the emotional support, education, and training necessary for long-term success.

As part of our medical and rehabilitation team, our nurses help:

  • Stabilize the primary problem (s)
  • Prevent secondary complications
  • Set goals
  • Emphasize functional independence
  • Carry out physician orders
  • Communicate patient progress
  • Work with the family to promote understanding and support

For more information about our Nursing Services, please contact Nicole Garcia, Director of Nursing, at 412-420-2219 or

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