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Your donation will go toward the purchase of the wish item of your choice*. As a donor to The Children's Institute’s Amazing Wish List, you or your organization will be listed in our annual donor list, and on our website.

For more information about donating funds for the purchase of an item(s) from The Amazing Wish List, please contact Abby Pittinaro at 412-420-2204 or apz@the-institute.org . 

Donate one or more of the following amazing wishes:

Assistive Technology Kit by Ablenet - The Day School
This kit for Day School students will be the foundation for effective accommodations that will be used to enhance learning for our young students in an elementary classroom. The items within the kit will create a classroom environment that offers accessibility to a variety of activities while supporting communication and social skills, and promoting independence. The kit includes key Ablenet assistive technology products, an instruction binder complete with product materials, a portable organized case on wheels, online support materials and videos, a PowerLink 4 control unit, a Big Buddy button, a Talking Brix package and more.

Cost of wish: $4,480; quantity needed: 1

Large Rifton Activity Chair - The Day School
In order to help our kids increase their independence and self-sufficiency, we are always trying to provide opportunities throughout the day to practice motor skills. The Rifton Activity Chair (R870) will allow our patients to learn functional sitting and motor skills while they actively participate in activities, tasks, and daily routines. With its versatile seating system and adjustable height, the chair will allow our students of different heights and weights to work on instructional activities at table height. This versatility also allows their feet to reach the floor to encourage transfer skills. Your gift will help our amazing kids reach an even greater level of independence.

Cost of wish: $4,105; quantity needed: 1

 *If the final cost of an item is less than the amount contributed, any remaining funds will be dedicated to complementary needs or, if not possible, released into the general fund.


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