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Being admitted to the hospital can be a stressful experience. As a result, the Therapeutic Activities Department at The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh provides developmental, social, emotional, and recreational support to patients of all ages and developmental levels.

With The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh being a network hospital with Child’s Play Charity, you can help The Therapeutic Activities Department staff achieve their mission by donating new toys, games, books, and other supplies requested on the Amazon wish list linked below. Child’s Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in a network of over 100 hospitals worldwide, including The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh.

By visiting the link below, you can view our wish list and send a gift directly to benefit the amazing kids admitted to The Hospital at The Children’s Institute:


Make a wish come true!

You can make a direct and immediate impact on our amazing kids by donating an Amazing Wish List item! This list contains items that our kids need to reach their greatest potential.

Your donation will go toward the purchase of the wish item of your choice*. As a donor to The Children's Institute’s Amazing Wish List, you or your organization will be listed in Amazing Kids, our quarterly publication, and on our website.

For more information about donating funds for the purchase of an item(s) from The Amazing Wish List, please contact Development Director Emily Peters at 412-420-2216 or ejp@the-institute.org . 

Donate one or more of the following amazing wishes:

iPad - The Hospital
Many of our therapists in the Speech and Language Therapy department utilize iPads during therapy sessions as direct teaching tools or to compliment other therapeutic methods. With an iPad, our therapists are able to save data electronically and show their patients and families the progress the patient has made at any given time. Since many families have iPads at home, they can download the same programs and apps used in therapy, which makes the transition from the therapy session to home much more smooth and effective. Consider fulfilling this wish to help keep our Speech and Language Therapy patients engaged and successful in therapy sessions and beyond!

Cost of Wish: $900 (including AppleCare and Otterbox case); quantity needed: 1                                       
Amazon ECHO - The Hospital
The ECHO plays music and more using just voice; it can hear you from across the room and will answer questions, read the news, and report the weather forecast using the Alexa Voice Service. As a hands-free device created for mainstream use, the ECHO is a perfect complement to other voice-controlled devices used by disabled individuals. This device will help us demonstrate "normalized" activities that patients and students can use just like other kids, teens and adults.

Cost of wish: $180; quantity needed: 1

RELAX by Ablenet - The Hospital
Adaptive remote-control devices give environmental control to students and patients who otherwise cannot control a DVD player, TV (on/off and volume), or even a garage door. The RELAX is an accessible, infrared learning remote that comes with an updated modern design and provides simplified control of almost any infrared device -- similar to a TV remote.

Cost of wish: $425; quantity needed: 1

Mixed components to support currently used Environmental Control Units - The Hospital
An environmental control unit, or ECU, is a piece of assistive technology that allows a person who is physically disabled to control their living environment. There are two basic methods of controlling an environmental control unit: switch control and voice control. We have several components of ECUs but need updated components to keep our current units functioning.

Cost of wish: $350; quantity needed: 1

Large Rifton Activity Chair - The Day School
In order to help our kids increase their independence and self-sufficiency, we are always trying to provide opportunities throughout the day to practice motor skills. The Rifton Activity Chair (R870) will allow our patients to learn functional sitting and motor skills while they actively participate in activities, tasks, and daily routines. With its versatile seating system and adjustable height, the chair will allow our students of different heights and weights to work on instructional activities at table height. This versatility also allows their feet to reach the floor to encourage transfer skills. Your gift will help our amazing kids reach an even greater level of independence.

Cost of wish: $4,105; quantity needed: 1
Miniwalk Gait Trainer – The Hospital

In The Hospital, we provide our amazing kids with tools and assurance to reach their fullest potential. The Miniwalk Gait Trainer will allow our patients with physical limitations to move around freely with minimal assistance from caregivers.  Your gift will grant our amazing kids the confidence to reach newfound strength and independence. 

Cost of wish:: $5,000; quantity needed:: 1 

 *If the final cost of an item is less than the amount contributed, any remaining funds will be dedicated to complementary needs or, if not possible, released into the general fund.


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