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man helping young man with transitioning into adulthood

Helping young people make the transition to adulthood

One of the most critical turning points in the lives of young people is the transition from school to the world of life as an adult. Developing self-sufficiency in daily living skills, exploring one’s recreation and leisure interests, looking at options for post-secondary programming, and pursuing residential options are just some of the challenges that The Day School youth in transition face. Fostering independence at home, at school and in the community

The transition to life as an adult doesn’t happen overnight.

At The Day School, transition planning starts at age 14 for students in our high school program. For our students 18 to 21 years of age, we offer a transition program focusing heavily on community-based activities. This transition planning takes into account a student’s skills and interests and builds upon these by engaging the students through:

  • Academics
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech/language therapy
  • In-school work tasks
  • Community based instruction
  • Recreation/leisure activities

The Day School helps each student make this pivotal transition by encouraging decision making and outside experiences, this includes:

  • Ensuring that our students are able to express themselves in order to make choices and advocate for themselves
  • Encouraging students to engage in the recreation/leisure activities that they enjoy
  • Helping students become as independent as possible through mobility and daily living activities 
  • Facilitating students’ ability to work in areas of interest within the school
  • Making sure students have multiple opportunities to practice skills in the community. 

All of these activities are designed to help our students meet their postsecondary goals in the areas of employment, postsecondary education and training, independent living, and most importantly, to enjoy the greatest level of independence possible.

For more information about Transition Services at The Day School, please contact Rick Lipa at 412-420-2528 or

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