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Transition Services at The Day School

One of the most critical turning points in the lives of young people is the transition from school to adult life. Developing self-sufficiency in daily living skills, exploring recreation and leisure interests, looking at options for post-secondary programming, and pursuing residential options are just some of the challenging topics that The Day School's Transition Services address. Transition services start at age 14 when each student is assigned a transition teacher who is dedicated to developing the transition plan in the student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Each student's IEP goals are determined by individual skills and abilities, ongoing assessments, student and family post-secondary goals, and the level of support needed for the student to continue to be safe and engaged. Through person-centered planning, the transition team takes into account each student's skills and interests and builds upon these by engaging the students through instruction in academic and functional skills with support from therapists and specialists. Transition teachers also assist families and students with interagency connections, including interfacing with supports coordinators, post-secondary programs, residential programs, and the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR).

Community-Based Instruction and Supported Volunteer Jobs

Our central Squirrel Hill location, accessible transportation throughout the greater Pittsburgh area, and support from our transition teachers and community-based instruction (CBI) coaches make it possible for individual students to participate in a wide variety of CBIs and supported volunteer job opportunities in the community. Transition-aged students go on CBIs to practice generalizing an array of skills across community settings. As students get older, the amount of time they participate in activities outside of the school community increases. This is done to promote the students' greatest level of self-sufficiency and better prepare students for life after graduation. IEP goals are incorporated into CBIs so that academic instruction is focused and aligned to best practices in special education. 

Supported volunteer jobs are regularly scheduled weekly volunteer jobs that serve as resume-building and training opportunities for non-facility based post-secondary outcomes. Prior to participating in a supported volunteer job, students need to demonstrate competency in appropriate vocational skills areas. As students strengthen their skills, some Adult Prep students qualify, based on assessments, to participate in weekly supported volunteer jobs throughout the greater Pittsburgh area at a range of community organizations including, but not limited to:

  • Nursing homes
  • Community centers 
  • Food pantries
  • Local nonprofit organizations


Additional Resources & Programs

Work, Evaluation and Training Center (Work, ETC)
Adult Prep Classrooms  
JobSpan Program

Our Transition Services, Work, ETC, Adult Prep classrooms, and JobSpan program are designed to help our students meet their post-secondary goals in the areas of employment, post-secondary education and training, independent living, and - most importantly - to reach their greatest possible level of independence.

For more information about Transition Services at The Day School, please contact Ashley Harland, Enrollment Coordinator, at 412-420-2222 or

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