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Amazing classrooms for students with multiple disabilities

The Day School has 11 Multiple Disabilities Support (MDS) classrooms for students ranging from 5-17 years old. Students with multiple disabilities who are about 18-21 years old are transitioned into our Adult Prep classrooms. Students identified as multiple disabilities have two or more disabling conditions that affect learning and other important life functions. The Day School supports students with multiple disabilities by providing comprehensive academic instruction and related services.

Academic Programming

Through a transdisciplinary approach, our teams work together to provide instruction aligned with the PA Core Standards across a variety of individuals and settings. Often these teams consist of a teacher, paraprofessionals, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, board-certified behavior analysts, and other professionals. Our MDS classrooms are typically comprised of eight students and three educational staff. Programming within the MDS classroom consists of the following:        

  • Small class sizes with opportunities for 1:1 instruction and small group instruction
  • A highly structured classroom with clear expectations
  • Opportunities to practice skills in a variety of school and academic settings
  • Access to advanced educational technology
  • Integration of PA Academics, as well as functional life skills and adapted behavioral skills

Our academic programming is further enhanced by our participation in MOVE International. MOVE (Movement Opportunities Via Education/Experience) is a transdisciplinary activity-based program that is used within our MDS classrooms. MOVE seeks to enhance the quality of life and self-sufficiency of individuals with multiple disabilities. The program specifically focuses on using daily routines and classroom instruction to provide multiple opportunities for students to improve their motor skills including sitting, standing, transitioning, and walking. The Day School has received high accolades on the incorporation of MOVE into classroom lessons addressing multiple areas of skill development. The Day School is proud to be certified by MOVE International as a MOVE Model Site.

The Day School One-Sheet - Multiple Disabilities Support Classrooms The Day School One-Sheet - Multiple Disabilities Support Classrooms (233 KB)

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