Students with Autism

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 The Sheila and Milton Fine Classrooms for Students with Autism

These ten classrooms represent best practices in the field of autism education. Each accommodates six students and three staff members, plus specialty subject teachers, therapists, dieticians and in-house consultants. Many members of our education team are trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), a scientific approach that focuses on improving socially significant behavior and quality of life. Eight of ten of our autism support classrooms participate in the Verbal Behavior Project, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The Verbal Behavior Program is nationally recognized for its comprehensive focus on communication development and behavior. A number of our verbal behavior classrooms have earned PA Model Project sites. The classrooms themselves are designed especially for our students, with sound-reducing materials and non-fluorescent lighting to reduce distractions and enhance learning. There’s even a sensory room that encourages relaxation while promoting intellectual activity.

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Our classrooms and facilities add up to a great learning experience

In addition to our classrooms, The Day School is home to a large gymnasium, a full- size swimming pool, a student library, multi-purpose rooms for lunches and student activities, as well as treatment rooms, a kitchen and living room spaces.

It's all about the kids

Here, every child has an education plan tailored to his or her specific learning, communication and behavioral goals. And our students progress at their own rate. To augment their education, we offer an array of services and support, including:

  • Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech/language therapy
  • Transition planning services and support
  • Social skills therapy, social work services, and psychology services
  • Ancillary services such as art, music, library, adapted physical education and swimming
  • Partnerships with local schools and community resources such as Carnegie Library

Results show we’re making the grade. Annual assessments show increases in functional communication, behavior, and academic and daily living skills. Every year, 100% of students in our autism program make progress on IEP goals and objectives.

Contact Kristen Stackiewicz at 412-420-2320 or to learn more about our educational services for children with autism.
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