Speech/Language Therapy in The Day School

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In The Day School, speech/language therapy is provided with the unique opportunity to support communication and language development for students throughout every aspect of the school day and to maximize language in those ongoing, everyday situations.

We provide a wide variety of services related to communication disorders and communication development, and the speech/language pathologist is the individual whose expertise supports and guides many of the diagnostic and educational services aimed at improving the communicative ability of our students.

While services to students may be provided in individual sessions or in group settings — in a classroom, in a speech/language pathologist’s office or other area — the preferred location for any service is the setting in which the skills of communication are to be used.

The educational process may involve helping students to:

  • develop the ability to understand, recall and use words
  • develop the ability to understand and use sentences
  • develop the grammatical aspects of language
  • develop the ability to understand and generate a series of related sentences (as in writing paragraphs, giving directions, telling stories, making needs and wants known)
  • develop the ability to effectively use language as a tool for communication in a variety of educational and family situations such as social conversation, explanations, descriptions of events, classroom interactions, etc.
  • develop the ability to use language as a tool for thinking and learning – learning to ask questions and use language to think through problems and develop plans

Alternative and Augmentative Communication

Our speech/language pathologists can also assist students in developing the use of alternate means of communication. This approach to therapy is appropriate when speech is severely impaired and cannot be used as the primary means of communication. After gathering input from the student, family, teacher and other professionals involved with the student to identify communication needs, our speech/language pathologist will:

  • design and fabricate appropriate boards/books for the student
  • select and/or recommend appropriate speech output prostheses (electronic communication system) and/or computer system
  • along with other members of the classroom team, teach the student sign language or a gestural system
  • train the student to use the recommended system
  • consult with other members of the classroom team to maximize opportunities for the student to practice functional use of the system
  • train families and significant others in the use of communication systems
  • provide guidance to the classroom team to offer a total communication experience

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