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The school psychologist in The Day School serves several major functions. She is a service arm of our school, providing evaluation and treatment services to students and support to their families. Psychological evaluation services may provide a basis for identifying student abilities and needs as well as a resource to help teachers and other members of the classroom team with educational planning.

The school psychologist also trains staff to administer the school-wide assessments given to each student and the state-mandated Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment (PASA) tests given to students at various ages. She also directs and oversees the scoring and record keeping involved with these programs and interprets results for families.

As a consultant to classroom teams, the school psychologist is available to assist with the development and/or refinement of classroom behavior programs or to develop specific behavior programs for individual students. She also provides in-service training to ensure The Day School staff understands the behavior of students and the factors that influence such behavior.

Instruction of social skills, behavior support, and individual counseling of students are also part of her role at The Day School.

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