Physical Therapy in The Day School

Physical Therapy at The Day School benefits our students who are challenged by autism, cerebral palsy or other physical disabilities. Special exercises, proper positioning in daily activities, gait training, aquatic therapy and other treatment techniques help each of our students who receive physical therapy.

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Evaluations and assessments are completed on students and a physician’s prescription is obtained for needed services. As treatment progresses, re-evaluations help determine the student’s degree of progress and the need for adjustment or revision to his or her program. The physical therapist suggests appropriate exercises, handling, positioning and gait training techniques for both school and home. They instruct the classroom team and family in the correct follow-through to maximize therapy time. Students may be offered individual or group therapy or, in some cases, it may be determined that consultation with the teacher and classroom staff is the appropriate model.

In addition to work in the classroom and therapy areas, our physical therapists are very involved in classes led by our music and adapted physical education teachers. A program called GYMBOP combines the expertise of the music and adapted physical education teachers with the skills of the physical, speech and occupational therapists to provide a cutting-edge program that encourages students to work on their IEP goals in a manner that becomes more “fun” than “therapy.”

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