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The Day School currently has 12 Autism Support classrooms, 11 Multiple Disabilities Support classrooms, five Adult Prep classrooms for students ages 18-21 years old, and one JobSpan classroom for students 18-21 preparing for post-secondary career placements.

Our overall instructional philosophy emphasizes a student's progression towards independence across a variety of environments from the classroom to the community. This focus is supported by updated technology and best practices in special education including:

•  Transdisplinary team approach
•  Academic and functional assessments
•  Data-driven decision-making
•  Current technology
•  Applied Behavior Analysis
•  Family involvement
•  Collaboration with school districts
•  Community partnerships

Related Services

In addition to our academic programming, The Day School provides numerous related services to students including:

•  Physical Therapy
•  Occupational Therapy
•  Speech and Language Therapy
•  Vision support services
•  Hearing support services
•  School nursing and dietary services
•  School social work and psychology services
•  Applied Behavior Analysis services
•  Assistive technology options
•  Transition Services

The Day School Community

In addition to our classrooms, The Day School is fortunate to have access to a wide variety of resources. While at school, our students' instructional schedules are enhanced by access to:

•  Updated sensory room
•  Full gymnasium
•  Indoor therapeutic swimming pool
•  Student library
•  Adapted outdoor playground
•  Outdoor therapeutic garden
•  Kitchen spaces
•  SMART Boards
•  Participation in inclusion groups with local schools

For more information, please contact Ashley Harland, Enrollment Coordinator, at 412-420-2222 or

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