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The Day School's JobSpan program provides coordinated and comprehensive training, and assessment opportunities, for students with special needs. Typically these students are within three years of graduation and between the ages of 18 -21. Related services can be provided on a consultative basis.

Students most appropriate for this program may include those with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, and autism. These young adults may present with a variety of needs, which include limitations in adaptive behaviors such as communication, social and daily living skills, and complex medical conditions.

Eligible students should be able to demonstrate the following skills:
• Motivation and ability to work/complete tasks over a sustained period of time (> 30 minutes)
• Basic skills such as following directions, making choices, participating in a group, and self-advocating/expressing wants and needs
• Ability to walk or use manual/power wheelchair
• Ability and desire to participate in the community

JobSpan Objectives
• Career development and workplace preparation
• Targeted assessments and job/volunteer placements focusing on student preferences, strengths, and potential
• Increased employment and/or volunteering exposure
• Targeted skills tracking across in-school and outside-school job/volunteer sites
• On-going dialogues and information-sessions with actual and potential employer
• Functional English/Language Arts and Math Skills related to identified job/volunteer opportunities
• Recreation and leisure opportunities
• Community participation and connections
• Partnership with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

To inquire about a student's eligibility for JobSpan, please contact Ashley Harland at 412-420-2222 or

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