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GYMBOP® is a combination of adapted physical education and music classes that incorporates physical, occupational and speech/language therapies. The program’s intent is to get the students motivated and more interested in their therapies. GYMBOP® is fun and allows the students to participate and forget that they are working.

Students attend GYMBOP® weekly, and through the use of virtual technology, music, movement and adapted equipment, the children play basketball, compete in rodeos and swim with the sharks! The teachers, therapists and aides adapt and offer hand-over-hand instruction as necessary so that each activity is fun and beneficial for each student. The music and adapted physical education teachers collaborate with therapists and classroom teachers when developing the GYMBOP® sessions to make sure that each student is working towards the goals of their Individualized Educational Program (IEP).

Movement activities include rolling, balancing, sitting, reaching, swaying, stretching, standing, walking, and pushing and pulling using adapted equipment such as walkers, scooters, gait trainers, tricycles, benches and standers.

Communication activities include locating sound, making eye contact, tracking objects, pointing, using simple switches, using communication devices and computer hardware, increasing verbal participation and following directions.

GYMBOP® activities promote body awareness, improve fine and gross motor control, and increase expressive and receptive language and independence--all while having fun.

For more information about GYMBOP®, please contact Lynn Norlander at 412-420-2456 or or Eric Emmons at 412-420-2590 or

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