Special Education Consulting Services

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Special Education Consulting Services

At The Children’s Institute, we have had great success at helping amazing kids reach their potential. But we don’t want to stop there.

We know that there are numerous children in our region who could benefit from our services. We recognize that school districts, which often provide for these children, want to do more and could do more if they had access to our level of expertise and experience. And we believe we’ve found the perfect solution: Sharing.

Sharing our knowledge and best practices through our newly established Consultative Services Center

Through this innovative center, The Children’s Institute can provide expert training and support directly to your school district. And it’s not starting from scratch; we use proven educational techniques and tools to build upon your existing knowledge and practices, helping you achieve excellence in your programming for students with complex needs.

How we work with school districts

At The Children’s Institute we believe in the power of understanding and collaboration. Our Consultative Services exemplify that belief. We work with your district to understand your specific concerns and issues. Then we tailor our services to meet your needs and those of the children you serve.

Those services are provided via:

  • Classroom Intervention: facilitating the necessary assessments, interventions, progress monitoring, and documentation of student behavior
  • Professional Development and Training: increasing staff knowledge and proficiencies in working with children with complex behavioral and medical needs
  • Collaboration and Consultation: sharing student information among staff to facilitate stronger outcomes for students

The Consultative Services Center is led by a team of specialists. A consultant with Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) certification will be assigned to work with your staff. Should you need them, additional personnel are available.

Our approach is systematic. We start by creating benchmarks and annual goals, devise a plan to reach those goals, then work together, as a team, to create success.

How we can help you help kids with special needs

Our consultative services can help your district address a multitude of issues you may have including:

  • Managing behavior
  • Fostering positive relationships with parents and guardians
  • Preventing bullying 
  • Programming for children with autism 
  • Coping with complicated medical and cognitive needs
  • Implementing classroom management techniques
  • Creating consistency among special education staff

Our Consultative Services may include:

  • Applied behavior analysis: classroom/school applications
  • Advanced autism training: understanding the characteristics and behaviors of autism
  • Functional assessment of behavior: knowing where to start in programming for behavior
  • Functional communication: increasing communication and interaction skills in the classroom
  • Integrating related services into the classroom environment
  • Programming for multiple disabilities
  • Sensory integration: use of sensory rooms and sensory interventions implementation
  • Writing effective IEPs
  • Programming for 18 – 21 year olds

Our Consultation services are offered at three different levels—basic, intermediate and intensive. Pricing is dependent upon the level of service chosen.

For more information, please call 412-420-2487.

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