Occupational Therapy in The Day School

occupational therapy patients with instructor

The “occupation” of children and young adults is, essentially, to be a student.

For our students, occupational therapy is purposeful self-activity the student performs. It must have intrinsic value for the student to assure motivation and carryover.

The approach used in The Day School is sensory-integrative with an emphasis on input and feedback from the senses. Students learn by doing because the emphasis is on the basic functions involved in higher cognitive activity. The approach also prepares the child to gain maximum benefit from his or her school experience.

According to their needs, students may be offered individual or group therapy or, in some cases, it may be determined that consultation with the teacher and other classroom staff is the appropriate support model. Whatever the method of delivery, common goals for Occupational Therapy in The Day School are:

  • normalization of sensory-integrative function through carefully selected sensory experiences, especially vestibular and tactile, and motor activity for feedback
  • promotion of developmental progression, filling developmental gaps, overcoming deprivation through sequential sensory and motor experiences
  • promotion of self-confidence, ego-strengthening and motivation

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