Nursing Services

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Nursing services are a vital part of The Day School.

When student activities are in high gear, our nurses are available to make certain their medical needs are met and the disruption of school routines and activities is minimized.

typical nursing day at a glance:


•Preparation and administration of medications, respiratory treatments and other medical procedures throughout the day.
•Review of reports and prescriptions from physicians and other health care providers.
•Creation of Individual Healthcare Plans. These are updated on a regular basis.
•Assessment and monitoring of students status, providing emergency first aid or treatment in the event of accident or illness.
•Providing emergency seizure care as needed.
•Communication with parents about medical issues that arise at home and at school.
•Consultation with education and therapy staff about individual student needs.
•Provision of on-going training for staff regarding tube feedings, seizure first aid, respiratory monitoring and hygiene, as well as other issues on an as needed basis.
•Maintaining the Students Health Record including immunizations, hearing screenings, vision screenings, scoliosis screenings, etc.

The focus of our nurses is to enable a quality educational experience for each student in The Day School. Our nurses maintain an appropriate balance between nursing expertise and educational expectations — helping our staff understand how a student’s medical condition may impact his or her classroom behavior.

For more information, please call 412-420-2351.


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