Parents and Children Together (PACT)

The Project PACT Program exists to promote a more rapid reunification rate for parents and their children in addition to addressing the particular needs associated with visitation. Since parental visitation is a primary predictor on reunification, the program works to maintain and strengthen the bond between parents and children. As a contractor provider for Beaver County Children and Youth Services, Project STAR will work to allow children in out-of-home placement to:

1.Achieve more frequent and relaxed visits between child(ren) and parent(s).
2.Achieve increased flexibility in relation to the location and time of the visits.
3.Improve the quality of the visit and parent/child interaction.

The Project PACT Program provides the opportunity for families to have an increase in the number of visits per week as well as an increase in the length of visitation. The goal is to significantly impact preservation of familial relationships, assist with coping skills, as well as providing a time and place to practice new parenting behaviors, and facilitate transition towards reunification. Visitation goals will represent each family’s areas of need. Families will be assessed every three months, visitation plans and goals will be modified to address the family’s identified needs. These visitation goals are developed through the combined efforts of the parents, the foster family, the CYS worker and Project PACT staff.

For more information, please contact Tim Chevalier at 724-775-0209 or

This program is unique to our Beaver County Family Visitation Program. For more information download our printable information here:
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