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At the very foundation of all of our Child & Family services is the idea of permanency. We want all children to grow in a safe, nurturing and lasting family. To achieve that, we’ve created services and programs designed to nurture, support and maintain the family, especially those with children with physical, emotional and intellectual disabilities.

All of our child and family services are part of Project STAR.

Project STAR helps families draw upon their own unique strengths and abilities, and to discover all the resources available within themselves and their communities. By being empowered in this way, families are better able to provide a good family life for their children.

How Project STAR began

Historically, children with developmental disabilities were hard to place in adoptive homes. But three organizations — The Children’s Institute, Three Rivers Adoption Council (TRAC), and Allegheny County Office of Children, Youth and Families — believed that with education, training and support, more families would be able to open up their hearts and homes to these children. In October 1985, these organizations formed a collaborative effort, Project STAR, with STAR standing for “Specialized Training for Adoption Readiness.”

Our STAR is growing stronger

Over the years, Project STAR’s services have expanded to include all children and families in Western Pennsylvania, although children with special needs are still a major focus. In 1990, the organization opened an office in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. As we expanded, our primary goal of creating a permanent home for children didn't waver. For our efforts in providing this basic but essential need, Project STAR has won numerous awards including:

  • 2005 Congressional Angels in Adoption™ Award 
  • 2004 Adoption Excellence Award for Support for Adoptive Families (United States Department of Health and Human Services) 
  • 2000 Pennsylvania Department of Health Outstanding Provider Award for Services to Children and Families 
  • 1999 SWAN (Pennsylvania Statewide Adoption Network) Hall of Fame Award for Child Specific Recruitment

Project STAR is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare as an adoption, foster care and private children and youth social service agency. We are an affiliate member of the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) and maintain contracts with local, statewide and out-of-state counties in the areas of placement services and family preservation/reunification services.

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